Welcome to Nailuxe!

4 May

Welcome to Nailuxe- we have a mission!

The Nailuxe ladies are on a mission…..a mission to re-invent the standard of nail salons while offering professional, luxurious nail services at affordable prices, while having fun conversations too! 😉

Oftentimes, people are sold short when it comes to getting a decent nail job, much less a beautiful one! Many people end up getting nickel and dimed to death, only to leave a salon with nails that look like chicklets. Yes, I said chicklets. Just like the gum. 😐 People these days are in a hurry, and many think the faster, the better….but that is definitely not the case! Where is the pampering in a 30 minute nail job? How about some nice conversation with someone who speaks english you can still understand? (Not to mention nails that don’t look like gum glued to your nail!) Luxury in the nail world has been lost in the over-saturation of discount salons & now it’s time to bring it back…..and that’s where we come in!

We promise you will leave happy, refreshed, and with gorgeous results each and every time. Our goal is to provide you with the most fabulous nail experience ever, and not break the bank in the meantime! 🙂

So if you & your homegirls are ready for some great nails & good times, give us a try! You will love Nailuxe…..it’s luxury at your fingertips. ❤